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Southampton Pride Logo

Southampton Pride

Southampton Pride is our main Pride organisation in the city, organising Southampton Pride the event where LGBTQIA+ people come together and get to experience a day (or as of 2024, 2 days) of pride fun in the centre of the city.

They will be returning August 24th - 25th 2024.


People's Pride Southampton

People's Pride Southampton is another organisation that we have in the city but they bring joy and support all year around with stalls on the Southampton Market once a week on a Saturday, so you have access to affordable Trans Merch along with very nice people to socialise with if you are feeling a little bit down.

People's Pride Southampton Logo
Bunker 178 Logo

Bunker 178

Bunker 178 originally called the Art House is a LGBT based organisation that manages events for queer people across the city. Teaming up with places like Board in the City to bring love across our city.


No Limits

No Limits is a organisation that is focused on helping young people under the age of 26 to be able to be safe in adulthood, have a finance question, how about one about safe sex, or even one about drug support? Well they are there for you.

No Limits Logo
The Hobbit Pub

The Hobbit Pub

The Hobbit is an alternative queer venue, what is very friendly and helps be a safe space for LGBTQIA+ people. So if you ever want a drink, why not pop down here.


Museum of Transology

The Museum of Transology collects Trans based artifacts to preseve and hopefully display in the future.

Museum of Transology Logo